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NOTE: To use DS DataPoint, you must be connected to a DVMS with DS DataPoint software installed. When you add the system using DS ControlPoint, you must select the DS DataPoint Server check box (refer to Figure 9). All systems identified as DS DataPoint Servers contain a DS DataPoint icon  in the DP column of the Connection Management page.
1. Click the Search icon, and then click the Advanced Search button. This opens the Advanced Search Setup window (refer to Figure 41). The Advanced Search tab allows you to search for data and video from integrated devices or video analytics events.
For Fastlane scale searches, enter a time/date range, and then select a series of occurrences. To do this, click the Any option beside each desired parameter and select a transaction. Then click the equal sign (=) and select an operator. Click the Add button to add parameters, or click the Or button to add separate occurrences.
Figure 41.  Advanced Search Tab
NOTE: The options available in the drop-down menus vary widely depending on your device configuration. For information about configuring devices, refer to the manufacturer’s documentation.