DS ControlPoint

Operation : Setup

The Setup page (refer to Figure 2) contains the following options when you click the Setup icon located in the top-left corner of the window or the Setup tab.
Application Settings:  Allows you to select general settings for the application.
Manage Systems:  Allows you to add, remove, and connect to the DVMS and Pelco DX Series video recorders.
NOTE: The user logon and password for any video recorder using DS ControlPoint must be the same as the DS ControlPoint user logon and password.
Create New Tour:  Allows you to create automated tours of camera views.
Alarm Popup:  Allows you to receive a pop-up notification when an alarm occurs on any connected system.
Digital Sentry Reports:  Allows you to view several types of reports.
Check for Software Update:  Allows you to check for DS ControlPoint software updates through the Internet.
About:  Displays the DS ControlPoint version number and other version information.
Figure 2.  Setup Page