Directory Caching

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Directory Caching

Hummingbird FTP maintains a cache of FTP directories and file names on your local machine, so you can view the directory listing without establishing a server connection. Hummingbird FTP automatically updates the local cache when you make changes on the remote host that affect the file system. Only pointers to the files, not the contents of the files, are stored in the local cache.

  By default, when you create a new FTP profile, directory caching is enabled. You can change the default so that directory caching is automatically disabled. For more information, see Enabling Directory Caching.

Hummingbird FTP also lets you select how often the cache is cleared. The Clear setting works regardless of whether you have made changes to the file system on the remote host. The setting is located on the FTP Cache tab in the Hummingbird Neighborhood Options dialog box (accessible when you click Hummingbird Neighborhood Options on the View menu).

You can clear individual FTP server caches or the entire FTP cache. The cache is not automatically updated if the remote file system is changed.

Tip:  Press F5 to refresh a directory.

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