4.5. The “Capture Options” dialog box

Wireshark 2.1

4.5. The “Capture Options” dialog box

[Tip] Tip

4.5.1. Capture frame

  • The name of the interface and its IP addresses. If no address could be resolved from the system, “none” will be shown.
[Note] Note
  • The link-layer header type.
  • The information whether promicuous mode is enabled or disabled.
  • The maximum amount of data that will be captured for each packet. The default value is set to the 262144 bytes.
  • The size of the kernel buffer that is reserved to keep the captured packets.
  • The information whether packets will be captured in monitor mode (Unix/Linux only).
  • The chosen capture filter.
[Tip] Tip
$ echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/core/bpf_jit_enable

4.5.2. Capture File(s) frame

4.5.3. Stop Capture… frame

4.5.4. Display Options frame

4.5.5. Name Resolution frame

4.5.6. Buttons