7.4. Expert Information

Wireshark 2.1

7.4. Expert Information

[Warning] Expert infos are only a hint

7.4.1. Expert Info Entries

Packet # Severity Group Protocol Summary Severity

  • Chat (grey): information about usual workflow, e.g. a TCP packet with the SYN flag set
  • Note (cyan): notable things, e.g. an application returned an “usual” error code like HTTP 404
  • Warn (yellow): warning, e.g. application returned an “unusual” error code like a connection problem
  • Error (red): serious problem, e.g. [Malformed Packet] Group

  • Checksum: a checksum was invalid
  • Sequence: protocol sequence suspicious, e.g. sequence wasn’t continuous or a retransmission was detected or …
  • Response Code: problem with application response code, e.g. HTTP 404 page not found
  • Request Code: an application request (e.g. File Handle == x), usually Chat level
  • Undecoded: dissector incomplete or data can’t be decoded for other reasons
  • Reassemble: problems while reassembling, e.g. not all fragments were available or an exception happened while reassembling
  • Protocol: violation of protocol specs (e.g. invalid field values or illegal lengths), dissection of this packet is probably continued
  • Malformed: malformed packet or dissector has a bug, dissection of this packet aborted
  • Debug: debugging (should not occur in release versions) Protocol Summary

7.4.2. “Expert Info” dialog

wsug_graphics/ws-expert-infos.png Errors / Warnings / Notes / Chats tabs Details tab

7.4.3. “Colorized” Protocol Details Tree


7.4.4. “Expert” Packet List Column (optional)