Environment Options - General


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Environment Options

General options tab

To access the Environment Options dialog, click on the Tools menu and select Environment Options.

Environment Options - General

Allow only one instance of wxDev-C++

Allows only one instance of the IDE to be running.

Create Backup files

If enabled, whenever you save a source file inwx Dev-C++, a backup copy will be saved along with it. This backup will be overwritten on successive saves.

Minimize on run

If enabled, wxDev-C++ will minimize itself when you execute your program from within it (using the `Run' command under `Execute').

Show toolbars in Full-screen

By default, toolbars are hidden when wxDev-C++ is made full-screen. If this option is enabled, they will be shown all the time.

Double-click to open project-manager files

If this option is enabled, you'll need to double-click on the nodes in project-manager to open them in the editor. Otherwise, you would single-click.


Here, you can choose what files are automatically opened in the editor when you open a project.

Debug variables browser

If "Watch variables under mouse" is checked, variables under the current mouse position will be created as watch variables during a debugging session.