How to record an unattended installation file (Setup)

SQL Server Setup Help

SQL Server Setup Help

How to record an unattended installation file (Setup)

The Record Unattended Setup option allows you to simulate an installation and create an .iss file that can be used later for an unattended installation of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. SQL Server files are not installed in this process.

To create a file for an unattended installation

  1. Insert the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 compact disc in your CD-ROM drive. If the compact disc does not autorun, double-click Autorun.exe in the root directory of the compact disc.

  2. Select SQL Server 2000 Components, select Install Database Server, and then click Next at the Welcome screen of the SQL Server Installation Wizard.

  3. In the Computer Name dialog box, select the option you want, and click Next.

  4. In the Installation Selection dialog box, click Advanced options, and then in the Advanced Options dialog box, click Record Unattended .ISS file. Click Next.

  5. In subsequent Setup screens, select the options you want for the unattended installation. After you finish selecting the options, in the Setup Information screen, click Next.

  6. In the Setup Complete screen, click Finish.

    This message appears: "Setup has collected the information needed to create an unattended installation file (.iss) for use with later unattended installations of SQL Server."

    SQL Server Setup then creates the Setup.iss file in the %windir% location with the options you have specified.

    To run the file, see How to run an unattended installation of SQL Server 2000 (Command Prompt).

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