Server Components

SQL Server Setup Help

SQL Server Setup Help

Server Components

In addition to the server Net-Libraries, Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 incorporates these main server components:

  • SQL Server database engine (MSSQLServer service)

  • SQL Server Agent (SQLServerAgent service)

  • Microsoft Search service

  • Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC service)

The server components are supported on computers running the Microsoft Windows NT®, Windows® 2000, and Windows 98 operating systems. The server components are not supported on computers running Microsoft Windows 95. When SQL Server is running on Windows NT or Windows 2000, the SQL Server database engine, SQL Server Agent, and MS DTC are implemented as Windows NT or Windows 2000 services. On Windows 98, the server components are not implemented as services because the operating system does not support services. The Microsoft Search service is not available on Windows 95 or Windows 98.

The server components can be stopped and started several ways:

  • Windows NT and Windows 2000 can start each service automatically when the operating system is starting.

  • Use SQL Server Service Manager to start or stop the service.

  • Use SQL Server Enterprise Manager to start or stop the service.

  • On Windows NT or Windows 2000, use the net start and net stop command prompt commands to stop or start each service (except for a virtual server in a failover cluster).

SQL Server 2000 supports multiple instances of SQL Server on computers running Windows NT or Windows 2000. Each instance has its own copy of the SQL Server service and the SQL Server Agent Service. There are only single copies of the Microsoft Search service or the MS DTC service, whose services are shared among the multiple instances of SQL Server running on the computer.