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Abstract collider for 2D shapes. More...

Inheritance diagram for TrueSync.TSCollider2D:
TrueSync.TSBoxCollider2D TrueSync.TSCircleCollider2D TrueSync.TSPolygonCollider2D

Public Member Functions

virtual Physics2D.Shape CreateShape ()
 Creates the shape related to a concrete implementation of TSCollider.
virtual Physics2D.Shape[] CreateShapes ()
void Awake ()
 Creates a new TSRigidBody when there is no one attached to this GameObject.
void Update ()
void Initialize (Physics2D.World world)
 Initializes Shape and RigidBody and sets initial values to position and orientation based on Unity's transform.
virtual void OnDrawGizmos ()
 Do a base matrix transformation to draw correctly all collider gizmos.

Public Attributes

TSMaterial tsMaterial
 Simulated material.
TSTransform2D tsTransform

Protected Member Functions

abstract Vector3 GetGizmosSize ()
 Returns the gizmos size.
abstract void DrawGizmos ()
 Draws the specific gizmos of concrete collider (for example "Gizmos.DrawWireCube" for a TSBoxCollider).

Protected Attributes

TSVector lossyScale =
 Holds an first value of the GameObject's lossy scale.


Physics2D.Shape Shape [get, protected set]
 Shape used by a collider.
bool isTrigger [get, set]
 If it is only a trigger and doesn't interfere on collisions.
IBody2D Body [get]
 Returns RigidBody associated to this TSRigidBody.
TSVector2 Center [get, set]
 Center of the collider shape.
TSVector2 ScaledCenter [get]
 Returns a version of collider's center scaled by parent's transform.
TSRigidBody2D attachedRigidbody [get]
 Returns the TSRigidBody attached.
bool IsBodyInitialized [get]
 Returns true if the body was already initialized.

Detailed Description

Abstract collider for 2D shapes.

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