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The MMC controls menu content. See MMC Help for information about menu content controls.

ArchestrA Log Viewer commands are on the Action and View menus. These menus are dynamic depending on which item is selected in the Console Tree or Message Window.

See the lists below.

Action Menu

About ArchestrA Log Viewer

Opens a dialog box showing software version and other information


Opens a dialog box to set global parameters for your local ArchestrA Log Viewer and the ArchestrA Logger you are currently connected to.


This command provides a submenu containing Local and Remote commands. Use the Local command to connect to the ArchestrA Logger on your computer. Use the Remote command to open the Connect dialog box to specify a remote computer from which to view its logged messages. The remote node is always added under Default Group.


Starts the ArchestrA Log Flag Editor to select the types of messages logged by the ArchestrA Logger.


Opens a submenu containing Export, Purge and Print commands.

  • Export: Saves all currently shown messages to another file.
  • Purge: Deletes messages from the ArchestrA Logger.
  • Print: Prints current messages.
  • New

    Opens a submenu containing Node and Node Group commands. Use these two commands to organize local and remote nodes to monitor and manage logged messages.

    • Node: Adds a node under a node group.
  • Node Group: Creates a new node group under which you can add and group nodes.
  • Open Log File

    Opens a log file containing logged messages.

    View Menu


    Set criteria for displaying sets of logged messages.


    Search through messages according to specified criteria.

    Go To

    Go to a message based on its bookmark name.


    Manage bookmarks in your message log.


    Add a marker line after the last message. Enter explanatory text for setting the mark in that position.

    Choose Columns

    Customize the column headings in the message window.

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