Finding a Message

Log Viewer

Finding a Message

From the View menu, click Find. The Find dialog box appears

Use the five search categories, Process ID, Thread ID, LogFlag, Component, and Message to search through messages shown in the message window. These categories map to column headings in the ArchestrA Log Viewer message window.

Note The Find function searches only through messages currently shown. If you have applied a filter, only those messages are included in your search. If you want to search all logged messages, click the Enable/Disable Message Filter icon on the toolbar, and then run your search. Also, if you are currently viewing messages saved in a log file, only those messages are included in your search. If you want to search runtime messages, select the node in the console tree under Default Group, and then run your search.

For more information, see Searching for Messages.

The Find dialog box has the following options:

  • Data entry window: Use this window to specify search criteria. The Process ID and Thread ID categories require numeric data; the others accept alphanumeric characters. Double-click a category box to type search data. Click Add on the shortcut menu to specify another row of search criteria. Data rows perform an AND operation (search for messages that meet both criteria). Data columns perform an OR operation (search for messages that meet either criteria). Use both AND and OR operations (multiple categories on multiple rows) to perform complex searches.
  • Find Next: Click to search for the first message that meets the search criteria in the data entry window. Repeat to find the next message that also meets the search criteria.
  • Cancel: Click to close the Find dialog box without searching for a message.
  • Clear All: Click to erase all search criteria from the data entry window.
  • The Find dialog box provides two shortcut menus. When a category box is in edit mode, right-click in the cell to show standard Windows edit commands, such as copy and paste. Right-click outside a category cell to display the following commands:

    • Clear Field: Use to erase the data in a category box. This command is only available when you right-click in a category cell that has data.
  • Add: Use to add another row of search criteria. The column you right-click is put in edit mode.
  • Delete: Use to delete a row of search criteria. The row you right-click is deleted.
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