ArchestrA Log Viewer Page

Log Viewer

ArchestrA Log Viewer Page

The ArchestrA Log Viewer tab has the following options:

  • Check for new log messages every ... milliseconds: Set how often your local ArchestrA Log Viewer checks for new messages logged to the ArchestrA Logger you are connected to. The default value is 1000 ms, the minimum is 100 ms, and the maximum is 3600000 ms (1 hour).

Caution Setting a very small millisecond interval can impact system performance.

  • Enable Live Scrolling: Enable or disable live scrolling in the message window.
  • When live scrolling is enabled and you are viewing the end of the shown logged messages, a new message that appears on-screen causes the message at the top of the message window to disappear from view.
  • When live scrolling is disabled, you must scroll down to see new messages appended to the list of messages.
  • Keep ArchestrA Log Viewer Always on Top of Other Windows: Keep the ArchestrA Log Viewer on your screen when you switch programs or windows.
  • Cache Only ... Messages in the View: Set the maximum number of messages stored in cache.
  • Show Only the First ... Characters in the Message Column: Set the maximum number of characters for any message in the Message column. The maximum is 8,192.
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