Configuring Dialog Boxes

Log Viewer

Configuring Dialog Boxes

Use this dialog box to set global parameters for your local ArchestrA Log Viewer and ArchestrA Logger.

The Configure dialog box has two pages: ArchestrA Log Viewer and Storage.

Changes to settings on the Storage page of this dialog box affect the ArchestrA Logger you are currently connected to, including any ArchestrA Loggers located on remote computers.

Caution If you intend to change storage parameters for your local ArchestrA Logger, ensure that you are connected to it (select Local in the console tree). Also, be careful when changing default values on either page of this dialog box (such as the total disk space allowed for storing messages). Changes to these values can impact overall system performance.

For more information about configuring the ArchestrA Log Viewer, see Configuring the ArchestrA Logger Storage Options.

To Open the dialog box, click Action, and then click Configure. The Configure dialog box appears

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