Exporting Log Messages

Log Viewer

Exporting Log Messages

You can export the currently shown log messages to a log file. Log files have an .aaLGX extension. The default file name is LogExport with the current date in the format (mddyyyy) appended as a suffix. You can edit the name of a log file but not its extension.

To export log messages

  1. From the Action menu, click Messages, then Export. The Export dialog box appears

Specify the location for the log file. Create a new folder, if necessary, and then enter the file name. The ArchestrA Log Viewer provides two additional options:

  • Export only messages matching the current filter: Export only messages that meet the current filtering criteria.
  • The Export in the background option is useful when you export a large number of logged messages, which could take a long time to complete.
    • If you clear this check box, ArchestrA Log Viewer commands and functions are unavailable until all messages are exported.
  • If you select this check box, you can then use all of the commands and functions of the ArchestrA Log Viewer while export is in progress.
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