Troubleshooting Problems using the ArchestrA Log Viewer

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Troubleshooting Problems using the ArchestrA Log Viewer

You can use the ArchestrA Log Viewer as a diagnostic tool to gather more information about a problem. After installing an ArchestrA-enabled program, you can view logged messages to determine whether all processes are functioning properly.

The ArchestrA Log Viewer highlights error messages in red. Error messages indicate malfunctioning processes. The ArchestrA Log Viewer highlights warning messages in yellow. A warning message indicates a major system event.

To troubleshoot problems

  1. Gather as much information about the process that is malfunctioning.

For example, assume you attempted to deploy an object in the IDE and a message was shown stating the deployment was not completed.

  1. Note the function you attempted and the message you received.
  • Open the ArchestrA Log Viewer. On the Windows Start menu, point to Programs, point to Wonderware, and then click ArchestrA System Management Console (SMC).
  • In the SMC, select ArchestrA Log Viewer, and then the node the IDE is located on.
  • Look for red and yellow messages. Also, use the information you collected about the failed process to search for clues in the logged messages.
  • Find or filter data. Do any of the following:
    • On the View menu, click Find to single out messages by message text or other category of data.
  • On the View menu, click Filter to reduce the number of shown messages based on message, time range, or terminal session criteria.
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