Terminal Sessions Page

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Terminal Sessions Page

Click the Terminal Sessions tab to display the Terminal Sessions page.

The Terminal Sessions page has the following options:

  • The Session ID column maps to a column heading you can display in the message window.
  • The Type column and its enabling check box determine whether the criteria set in the Session ID column is shown or not.
  • The first row is not editable and cannot be deleted, but you can click or clear the Show check box.
  • Double-click in the Session ID cell to type filter criteria.
  • Click outside of the cell to set that parameter. Data columns perform an OR operation. That is, they filter for messages that meet either criteria.
  • New Filter icon: Add a new row of filter criteria.
  • Delete Filter icon: Remove a highlighted row.
  • Delete All: Clear all filter criteria from this page.
  • The Terminal Sessions page has two shortcut menus. When a Session ID cell is in edit mode, right-click in the cell to display Microsoft® edit commands, such as copy and paste. Right-click outside a Session ID cell in edit mode to display the following commands:

    • Clear Field: Erase the data in a Session ID cell.
  • Add: Add another row of filtering criteria.
  • Delete: Delete a row of filtering criteria.
  • Use the Enable/Disable Message Filter icon on the toolbar to toggle on and off the filtering criteria you have set.

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