Configuring the ArchestrA Logger Storage Options

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Configuring the ArchestrA Logger Storage Options

You can specify the location of the files containing the ArchestrA Logger messages and other options related to ArchestrA Logger storage.

Caution If you change the Store Log Messages In This Path setting, you may no longer be able to view previously logged messages. Before changing this setting, you should Export the current messages to a log file. This path must be on your local hard drive.

To configure ArchestrA Logger storage options

  1. In the ArchestrA Log Viewer, select an ArchestrA Logger node.
  • On the Action menu, click Configure. The Configure dialog box appears.
  • Click the Storage tab.
  • In the Store Log Messages in this Path box, change the location of your logged files.
  • Limit the quantity of messages and the amount of disk space used to store messages with two additional storage page options:
  • Delete Log Messages older than _ days.

    Limit the total disk space used for storing log messages to _ MB.

    The ArchestrA Logger deletes messages beginning with the oldest ones first. These two options perform an OR operation. In other words, when either setting is encountered, messages are deleted. If your computer has a large hard drive, you can set these options at or near their maximum allowed values (365 days, 10 GB disk space).

    1. Click OK to save the new configuration or Cancel to revert to the current settings.

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