Marking the Message Log

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Marking the Message Log

Marks are messages you can insert into your message log to designate events or segments of messages. They differ from bookmarks in that marks are messages added below the message that is currently last in the log while bookmarks are labels associated with existing messages. For more information, see Using Bookmarks.

You can create marked messages in two ways: adding a regular mark that you can name and adding a fast mark that is named for you.

To add a regular mark message

  1. On the View menu, click Mark. The Mark dialog box appears.
  • Either accept the default name (Mark) or overwrite it with something more descriptive. You cannot change the marker name at a later time.
  • Click OK to add the marker message to the end of all logged messages.
  • To add a fast mark message

    • Click the Fast Mark icon on the toolbar. A marker message with the default name (Mark) is added to the end of all logged messages.

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