Using Bookmarks

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Using Bookmarks

You can apply labels to individual messages so that you can easily find them. These labels are called bookmarks. They differ from marks in that bookmarks are associated with specific messages while marks are messages added below the message that is currently last in the log. For more information, see Marking the Message Log.

You cannot enter duplicate bookmark names, and a message can have only one bookmark.

The message window can display a Bookmark column, which is initially hidden by default.

To show bookmarks

  1. Right-click the column header of the message window and click Show.
  • In the Choose Columns dialog box, click Bookmarks in the Columns Hidden box, click the Show button to move it to the Columns Shown box, and then click OK.
  • The Bookmark column is added at the far right of the column header. Click and drag it to another position if you want. When the text of a bookmark in the Bookmark column is partially obscured, point to it to display the entire bookmark like a tooltip.
  • You can set bookmarks in two ways: adding a regular bookmark that you can name, and setting a fast bookmark that is named for you.

    To add a regular bookmark

    1. Right-click the message, and then click Add Bookmark on the Bookmark submenu.
  • In the Add Bookmark dialog box, either accept the default name (Bookmarkx where x is a number in an ascending sequence) or change it with something more descriptive. You can change the bookmark name in the Bookmarks dialog box at a later time.
  • Click OK to set the bookmark or Cancel to terminate the process.
  • To set a fast bookmark

    1. Right-click the message and click Fast Bookmark on the Bookmark submenu. A default naming sequence is applied to the message (Bookmarkx where x is a number in an ascending sequence). Alternatively, you can set a fast bookmark by selecting the message and clicking the Fast Bookmark icon on the toolbar.
  • Change the bookmark name to something more descriptive, if necessary, in the Bookmarks dialog box at a later time.
  • Note You cannot go to bookmarked messages that are currently hidden by a filter. If you cannot find the desired message, remove the filter and try again.

    To find a bookmarked message

    1. On the View menu, click Go To.
  • In the Go To dialog box, enter the name of the message’s bookmark by typing it in the box or selecting from the list.
  • Click Go To. The Go To dialog box remains open.
  • Use the Previous and Next buttons to go to the nearest bookmarked message above and below, respectively.
  • When you are done searching, click Close.
  • Note Bookmarks are not saved when you quit the ArchestrA Log Viewer application. To mark your message log more permanently, use the Mark command on the View menu.

    To manage bookmarks

    1. On the View menu, click Bookmarks. The Bookmarks dialog box appears.
  • You can manage current bookmarks and create new ones. The bookmark list shows the current set of bookmark names and associated Message No. (the same number as the No. column in the message window). The bookmark list provides several functions.
  • For example, to rename a bookmark, select it, press F2, and then type the new name.
  • Each bookmark must have a unique name. You cannot bookmark two messages with the same name.

    1. To go to a bookmarked message, double-click on the message from the list or select it and click Go To.
  • To remove one or all bookmarks from your logged messages, select a message and click Remove, or click Remove All.
  • To add a new bookmark, select the message you want to bookmark in the message window and click Add. This function is comparable to a fast bookmark. Rename it by pressing F2.
  • When you are done, click Close.
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