ArchestrA Logger and ArchestrA Log Viewer

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ArchestrA Logger and ArchestrA Log Viewer

The ArchestrA Logger and ArchestrA Log Viewer utilities are automatically installed on any computer when you install an ArchestrA-enabled component.

Caution Do not disable the ArchestrA Logger service at any time.

The ArchestrA Logger is a background process that stores messages in the system log file. You can manually start the ArchestrA Logger or configure it to start automatically.

  • Automatic means the ArchestrA Logger starts when the computer starts.
  • Manual means you must start the ArchestrA Logger from the System Services utility in the Windows Control Panel.
  • You can also customize which messages you want to log with the ArchestrA Log Flag Editor. See the ArchestrA Log Flag Editor User’s Guide for more information.

    Note Always check logged messages before calling technical support.

    You use the ArchestrA Log Viewer to view messages sent to the ArchestrA Logger. You can customize the format of this utility. For more information about customizing the Log Viewer, see Configuring the ArchestrA Log Viewer.

    To start the ArchestrA Log Viewer

    1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then point to Wonderware.
  • Click ArchestrA System Management Console. The ArchestrA System Management Console appears with the Log Viewer listed in the left pane.
  • Double-click Log Viewer to expand its groups. The Local group is listed beneath the Default Group.
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