Viewing Remote ArchestrA Logger Messages

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Viewing Remote ArchestrA Logger Messages

You can view messages stored by a ArchestrA Logger on a remote computer.

After you connect to the remote ArchestrA Logger, you can use the Filter, Find, and other ArchestrA Log Viewer functions to customize the messages.

The ArchestrA Log Flag Editor does not work with remote ArchestrA Loggers.

To connect to a remote ArchestrA Logger

  1. Click the Action menu, point to Connect, then click Remote. The dialog box appears.
  • Type a remote computer name in the text box.
  • —Or—

    1. Choose one from the drop down list.


    1. Click Browse. The Browse Nodes dialog box appears.
  • Select one of the nodes and click OK. Your selection appears in the Computer Name field of the Connect dialog box.
  • Click OK to establish the connection and display messages from that ArchestrA Logger.
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