Searching for Messages

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Searching for Messages

You can use either the Find or Go To dialog box to locate a message.

  • Find is a general search function based on five categories of criteria that map to column headings in the message window.
  • Go To is a search function based on bookmarks you previously set. For instructions about using the Go To dialog box, see Using Bookmarks.
  • Note The Process ID and Thread ID categories require numeric data; the others accept alphanumeric characters. You can use both AND and OR operations (multiple categories on multiple rows) to perform complex search functions.

    To find a message

    1. On the View menu, click Find.
  • On the first row, choose a category you can use to logically isolate a particular set of messages. Double-click the category box in the data entry window and type the desired criteria. After typing search data, click outside of the category box to exit edit mode. You can repeat this step over multiple categories to perform an AND operation. In other words, the search function finds only those messages that meet all criteria.
  • To add another row of criteria, right-click anywhere in the data entry window and click Add. Columns perform an OR operation. In other words, the search function finds those messages that meet the criteria on one row or the criteria on other rows.
  • To remove criteria you have entered in a category box, right-click the box and click Clear Field. To remove an entire row, right-click the row and click Delete. To remove all search criteria, click the Clear All button.
  • After you have set search criteria, click the Find Next button. The first message that meets your criteria is highlighted in the message window.
  • Click Find Next again to move to the next message that meets the criteria.
  • Click Cancel to close the dialog box.
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