Inshaping: Inshape::Setting Class Reference


Inshaping  0.1

#include <Setting.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inshape::Setting:

Public Member Functions

bool readInputTemplate (std::string filename)
bool readMatch (std::string filename)
bool readParam (std::string filename)
 Setting ()
bool parse_argv (int argc, char **argv)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Anyarg
 Anyarg ()
 Construct a Anyarg object. More...
bool parse_argv (int argc, char **argv)
int get_argc () const
const char * get_arg (int i) const
const char * auto_usage ()
bool add_flag (const char *name, char letter, const char *desc)
bool add_flag (char letter, const char *desc)
bool add_option_str (const char *name, char letter, const char *v0, const char *desc)
bool add_option_str (char letter, const char *v0, const char *desc)
bool add_option_int (char letter, int v0, const char *desc)
bool add_option_int (const char *name, char letter, int v0, const char *desc)
bool add_option_double (char letter, double v0, const char *desc)
bool add_option_double (const char *name, char letter, double v0, const char *desc)
bool is_true (const char *name) const
bool is_true (char letter) const
const char * get_value_str (const char *name) const
const char * get_value_str (char letter) const
int get_value_int (const char *name) const
int get_value_int (char letter) const
double get_value_double (const char *name) const
double get_value_double (char letter) const

Public Attributes

std::string headFilename
std::string faceFilename
std::string bodyFilename
std::string outputFilename
std::string subHead
std::string subBody
Param param
bool preAligned
bool outputIntermediate
bool useMatch

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Setting()

Inshape::Setting::Setting ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse_argv()

bool Inshape::Setting::parse_argv ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

◆ readInputTemplate()

bool Inshape::Setting::readInputTemplate ( std::string  filename)

◆ readMatch()

bool Inshape::Setting::readMatch ( std::string  filename)

◆ readParam()

bool Inshape::Setting::readParam ( std::string  filename)

Member Data Documentation

◆ bodyFilename

std::string Inshape::Setting::bodyFilename

◆ faceFilename

std::string Inshape::Setting::faceFilename

◆ headFilename

std::string Inshape::Setting::headFilename

◆ outputFilename

std::string Inshape::Setting::outputFilename

◆ outputIntermediate

bool Inshape::Setting::outputIntermediate

◆ param

Param Inshape::Setting::param

◆ preAligned

bool Inshape::Setting::preAligned

◆ subBody

std::string Inshape::Setting::subBody

◆ subHead

std::string Inshape::Setting::subHead

◆ useMatch

bool Inshape::Setting::useMatch

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