SFTP Plugin


SFTP Plugin

LogExpert comes with an SFTP plugin. This allows to load files directly from a remote server via SFTP.

Loading files

Use "File->Open URL..." and enter a URL like "sftp://<host>/<file>". Optional a user can be specified.

The plugin will ask for user and password. For every host the credentials are cached and will not be asked again.

Using SSH keys

The plugin also supports authentication via SSH keys. Go to LogExpert's settings (plugin tab) and specify your private key file:

Note: Only one key is supported. Different per-host keys won't work.

The key file is loaded on first use (when first file is loaded via SFTP). You will be asked for the key's passphrase for key decryption. Once loaded, the key is cached as long as LogExpert is running.

Now when loading a file via SFTP you only need to specify the user name but not the password. Therefore the password field is disabled then.

If authentication via SSH keys failed for any reason, you have the choice to try again or to fall back to password authentication.