Updating a Deployment Project

Hummingbird Deployment

Updating a Deployment Project

When creating a deployment project for the first time, Deployment Wizard saves the project in Hummingbird Neighborhood. The next time you use the wizard, you can re-open the project and make changes. This feature enables centralized distribution of new versions on demand.

For example, if you want to make different session options available to end users, you can make the appropriate changes to the project and resave it. If you want to preserve the original project, you can save the new one with a different name.

After deploying the project, users automatically have access to the updated deployment project settings and features the next time they launch the associated session.

If you install an update patch of a HostExplorer product on your machine and redeploy a deployment project, the updated HostExplorer product components are included in the deployment project.

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