Issuing the URL for Deployment Projects

Hummingbird Deployment

Issuing the URL for Deployment Projects

You can place the project files in any web server directory. Internally, HTML files and deployment components use relative URLs to locate other objects, enabling you to move the deployed files to another web server without having to edit anything.

  Images do not have to be in the same directory as the project files. If images are not in the same directory, make sure you specify the path in the Image Virtual Directory box.

Copy the output files (preserving the directory structure) to the HTML Virtual Directory Path. The project URL that you distribute to end users is as follows:



  • ServerAddress is the server address (domain name or IP address) of your web server.
  • HTMLVirtualDirectoryPath is the name of the directory path that you created for the HTML files.
  • HTMLFileName is the file name of the generated .htm file that contains the download link to the project. Enter this name in the HTML File Name box on the Web Server Information screen.

For example, if you place the project files in a PROJ\Finance directory, then enter the following URL:


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