Step 7: Enabling Features

Hummingbird Deployment

Step 7: Enabling Features

The Enable Features screen lets you specify the session options and features that are available for end users. By default, all session options and features are selected. You must clear a check box in order to disable a menu or option.

Tip:  This screen applies only to display sessions (not printer sessions).

The left pane of this screen lists the HostExplorer product menus and lets you disable commands within these menus. If you disable an entire menu category, each command within that category contains a sub-check box called Display In Menu. If you leave Display In Menu selected, the command appears in the end user version of HostExplorer, but it appears dimmed. If you clear Display In Menu, the command disappears in the end user version of HostExplorer.

The right pane of this screen lists all session options. The tree in this pane mirrors the structure of the Session Profile dialog box in HostExplorer. For full descriptions of these items, see the HostExplorer Help.

Click Next to specify web server information.

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