The Deployment Wizard Process

Hummingbird Deployment

The Deployment Wizard Process

Creating a deployment project involves using two parts of Hummingbird Deployment Wizard:

  • Deployment Wizard—Lets you create or edit deployment projects, which let users access Hummingbird products from a specified URL on a web server. You can also use the Deployment Wizard to specify which Package Assemblies are to be deployed.
  • Deployment Packager—Lets you create and view custom Package Assembly files (.dpa files), which define how package files are deployed. These assembly files contain extra documents, data, and applications that an administrator may want to deploy along with the HostExplorer product.

The Deployment Wizard process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Selecting a Project for Deployment

Step 2: Specifying Deployment Project Information

Step 3: Providing Connection Information

Step 4: Specifying Auxiliary Files and Deployment Settings

Step 5: Customizing Your Packages

Step 6: Assigning Custom Actions

Step 7: Enabling Features

Step 8: Providing Web Server Information

Step 9: Specifying Installation Settings

Step 10: Providing Metering Information

Step 11: Previewing Your Choices

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