How Deployment Projects are Saved

Hummingbird Deployment

How Deployment Projects are Saved

Deployment projects consist of many different components. Use the following information as a guideline for how they are saved:

  • Package files, a Package Assembly file, and the generated web page are saved in the output folder specified in Deployment Wizard. You can make the output folder a local folder, a shared folder, or a Samba or NFS file system. If you do not specify the output folder to be your web server’s HTML directory path, you need to copy or FTP the output files to that location before downloads can take place.
  • A separate .wdp file is saved in the Hummingbird Neighborhood location specified in Deployment Wizard. This file contains a copy of all the settings you specify, along with a pointer to the output folder. The .wdp file is saved in Hummingbird Neighborhood so that you can easily access it to make changes.

Every time you make changes to a project, Deployment Wizard updates both the .wdp file and all of the output files.

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