About Hummingbird Deployment Wizard

Hummingbird Deployment

About Hummingbird Deployment Wizard

With Hummingbird Deployment Wizard, you can create a web-deployable installation of any HostExplorer product that includes an automatic connection to a host. This feature leverages the capabilities of the modular Hummingbird Connectivity architecture to give administrators more control over managing an end user’s desktop while reducing the amount of resources required to maintain them.

This product has the following components:

Hummingbird Deployment Wizard   Lets you create or edit deployment projects, which describe everything needed to deploy a HostExplorer product from a web server. When you build a deployment project and place it on a web server, the end user can access the HostExplorer product from the specified URL. You can also use Deployment Wizard to specify which custom Package Assemblies can be generated as packages and made available for deployment. In addition, you can use the wizard to specify any existing package files that should be deployed.

Index Page Wizard  Lets you create or edit HTML indexes that contain links to multiple projects on a single web page.

Projects Update Wizard  Lets you select deployment projects that you want to upgrade from one product version to another, so that the generated directory structure and contents contain the new or changed files.

Hummingbird Deployment Packager  Lets you create and view custom Package Assembly (.dpa) files that define how package files are deployed. These assembly files can contain extra documents, data, and applications that administrators want to deploy along with the HostExplorer product. For more information, see Deployment Packager Help.

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