Hummingbird Deployment

Updating DLL files

For deployed installations of HostExplorer products to work properly on end user machines, these machines must have the correct minimum version of certain dynamic-link library (DLL) files installed in their system folders. See the HostExplorer Release Notes for exact versions and more information on options regarding this process.

The Hummingbird Deployment Wizard CD supplies a utility (SysUpdate.exe) that you can use to ensure that end users have the correct versions of these files. If you distribute SysUpdate.exe to the end users through Microsoft SMS or any desktop management product, users can place this executable in any folder on their machines. When they double-click the executable, any absent DLL files are installed to their system folders. If their system folders contain older versions of these files, the executable replaces the older versions with the minimum required versions.

This executable (SysUpdate.exe) guarantees that all required system files are installed properly before users access a deployment project. Users may be required to reboot if one or more of the DLL files are already present and in use on their machines.