Deploying Customized Packages

Hummingbird Deployment

Deploying Customized Packages

Using the Hummingbird Deployment Packager tool, available with Hummingbird Deployment Wizard, you can create and edit your own customized Package Assemblies. These assemblies describe how items, such as components, applications, and documents, are built into packages (by the Deployment Runtime component) and installed on an end user machine. You can then use Deployment Wizard to specify which Package Assemblies and/or existing package files are available for deployment, and at what point during the deployment process they should be installed on the end user machine with the rest of the HostExplorer product packages.

For example, you can package an uninstaller program that, once deployed, automatically uninstalls an older version of the HostExplorer product on all end users machines before the new version is installed.

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