Step 10: Providing Metering Information

Hummingbird Deployment

Step 10: Providing Metering Information

The Metering Settings screen lets you specify whether the web-deployed version of the HostExplorer product on an end user’s machine will use metering. Host Access Services includes Metering Serveras part of its setup process.

Tip:  For more information about Metering, see the HostExplorer User’s Guide.

To specify Metering Server options:

  1. Select the Add Metering Client box to have Metering Client installed on the end user’s machine. The metering client informs the metering server if a product is installed on the user’s workstation.
  2. In the Retry Count and Retry Interval boxes, enter the number of times you want the end user’s machine to attempt to connect to Metering Server and the number of seconds between connection attempts.
  3. In the Metering Server URL box, type the URL of the Metering Server. The following is an example of the URL syntax:


where machine is the name of the machine on which metering server is installed, and port is the number of the port.

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  A Metering deployment package assembly (.dpa) file is available in the HostExplorer/Assemblies folder. See Step 5: Customizing Your Packages for more information about selecting custom packages to make available for deployment.

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