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About PivotTable lists

A PivotTable list is an interactive table that you can use to analyze data dynamically from within your Web browser. You can use a PivotTable list to view and organize data from lists or databases, look for information or details, and create personalized summaries and reports.

A PivotTable list can present existing data from a source elsewhere on your network. The person who creates the PivotTable list determines which source data to use; that is, the designer decides what source database to use and what subset of that data to make available. That subset determines what you, the viewer, can summarize. For example, if you want to summarize product sales and inventory levels, the source data would need to provide the sales figures and the inventory counts for your products. You can't type new values in the list's calculated cells or redefine the source data that the list displays, but you can change the way the data is displayed and organized. Also, you can refresh the PivotTable list so that it reflects any changes in the source data.

The designer of a PivotTable list can include an associated chart that displays the same data graphically. If the Web page you're viewing has such a chart, when you refresh or make certain changes to the PivotTable list, you'll see the changes reflected in the chart. Similarly, certain changes you make to the chart are reflected in the PivotTable list.

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