IUP - Portable User Interface


Creates a vbox interface element. It is a box that shows the elements it contains, vertically and from the top down.


Ihandle* IupVbox(Ihandle *elem1, Ihandle *elem2, ..., NULL); [in C]
iupvbox{elem1, elem2, ...: iuplua_tag} -> (elem: iuplua_tag) [in IupLua3]
iup.vbox{elem1, elem2, ...: iuplua_tag} -> (elem: iuplua_tag) [in IupLua5]
vbox(elem1, elem2, ...) [in LED]

elem1, elem2, ...: List of the identifiers that will be placed in the box. NULL defines the end of the list.

This function returns the identifier of the created vbox, or NULL (nil in Lua) if an error occurs.


ALIGNMENT: Horizontally aligns the elements. Possible values:


Default: "ALEFT".

GAP: Defines a space, in pixels, between the interface elements.

MARGIN: Defines a margin in pixels.

SIZE: Height of the vbox. Default: smallest size that contains the children elements.


The box can be created with no elements and be dynamic filled using IupAppen.


iupvbox.gif (7671  bytes)

See Also

IupZbox, IupHbox