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IUP - Portable User Interface


A function that creates an IupImage from file using the IM library. The function can load the formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PNM, PCX, ICO and others. For more information about the IM library see http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/im.

Initialization and Usage

To generate an application that uses this function, the program must be linked to the function’s library (iupim.lib on Windows and libiupim.a on Unix). The iupim.h file must also be included in the source code.

To make the function available in Lua, use the initialization function in C, iupluaim_open, after calling iuplua_open. The iupluaim.h file must also be included in the source code. The program must be linked to the functions’s libraries (iupluaim.lib on Windows and libiupluaim.a on Unix).


Ihandle* IupLoadImage(const char* file_name); [in C]
IupLoadImage{file_name: string} -> (elem: iuplua_tag) [in IupLua3]
iup.LoadImage{file_name: string} -> (elem: iuplua_tag) [in IupLua5]

file_name: Name of the file to be loaded.

This function returns the identifier of the created image, or NULL if an error occurs.

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