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IUP - Portable User Interface

Building IUP

IUP runs on many different systems and interact with many different libraries such as Motif, OpenGL, Canvas Draw (CD) and Lua (3.2, 4.0 and 5.0). In order to assist in the compilation process, IUP uses Tecmake

Tecmake is essentially a general GNU makefile with a series of predefined targets and rules with the purpose of providing those in charge of developing libraries and applications the necessary tools so that versions for different platforms can be generated homogeneously. In other words, the tecmake user does not need to create a makefile nor be concerned with his/her current platform to create a library or application, which we will here call product.

To build IUP, first install Tecmake. Note that Tecmake defines names for each system. For example: vc7 (Visual Studio 7) or Linux24g3 (Linux Kernel 2.4 with gcc 3.x.)

When installing Tecmake you will need to set a few environment variables.You should refer to Tecmake's manual, but here are a few tips on how to install it (tested on Redhat 7.0):

  • Set environment variables TCG_HOME and TECMAKE_HOME pointing to where tecmake.mak is installed;
  • Set variables TEC_UNAME, TEC_SYSNAME, TEC_SYSRELEASE. These are well explained in Tecmake's manual under Platforms.

In IUP's main directory there is a file named make_uname (make_uname.bat in Windows) that calls Tecmake for each IUP library. To build IUP for Windows using Visual C 7.0 for example, just execute make_uname.bat vc7

In order to build IUP on Unix systems, you should have Motif version 2.1 or greater.

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