IUP - Portable User Interface


Size of the element in units proportional to the size of a character.


"widthxheight", where width and height are integer values corresponding to the horizontal and vertical size, respectively, in characters. The element may have only one dimension which is applicable to be modified - for instance, IupText, which has only width. In this case, the second parameter is ignored and does not need to be passed. You can also change only one of the parameters by removing the other one and maintaining "x". For example: "x40" (height only) or "40x" (width only). The other size will be chosen by IUP depending on the composition elements and on the EXPAND attribute.

Default: Depends on the element and on the element's EXPAND attribute.


The size observes the following heuristics:

  • Width in 1/4's of the average width of a character.
  • Height in 1/8's of the average height of a character.

When this attribute is changed, the RASTERSIZE attribute is automatically updated.

When this attribute is changed by means of a call to function IupSetAttribute or IupStoreAttribute, the size will be the minimum size for the element. If you wish to use this size only as an initial size, change this attribute to NULL after viewing the dialog.



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