IUP - portable user interface

IUP - Portable User Interface

Portable User Interface

Version 2.2


IUP is a portable toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. It offers a configuration API in three basic languages: C, Lua and LED. IUP's purpose is to allow a program to be executed in different systems without any modification, therefore it is highly portable. Its main advantages are:

  • high performance, due to the fact that the system uses native interface elements
  • fast learning by the user, due to the simplicity of its API.

This work was developed at Tecgraf/PUC-Rio by means of the partnership with PETROBRAS/CENPES.

The IUP Team:

Antonio EscaƱo Scuri
Mark Stroetzel Glasberg

Tecgraf - Computer Graphics Technology Group, PUC-Rio, Brazil