IUP - Portable User Interface


Creates native interface objects corresponding to the given IUP interface elements.


int IupMap(Ihandle* element); [in C]
IupMap(element: iuplua-tag) -> ret: number [in IupLua3]
iup.Map(element: iuplua-tag) -> ret: number [in IupLua5]

element: Identifier of an interface element.


When element is of type dialog, this function creates the native interface element of a dialog and of each element it contains, but only if the element has not been mapped yet.

When element is not of type dialog, this function will only create the native interface element if the element is inside an already mapped dialog.

If element was already mapped, nothing happens.

If the WID attribute is NULL, it means the element was not already mapped.

This function is automatically called always before a dialog is made visible. This way, it only makes sense for the application to call it when the value of the WID attribute must be known before a dialog is made visible.

See Also

IupShowXY, IupShow, IupPopup.