IUP - Portable User Interface


Displays an interface element. This function has the same effect as setting value IUP_YES to the IUP_VISIBLE attribute of the interface element.


int IupShow(Ihandle *element); [in C]
IupShow(element: iuplua_tag) -> (ret: number) [in IupLua3]
iup.Show(element: iuplua_tag) -> (ret: number) [in IupLua5]
or element:show() -> (ret: number) [in IupLua]

element: identifier of the interface element.

This function returns IUP_NOERROR if the element was displayed.


An interface element is only visible if the dialog that contains it is also visible.

This function can be executed more than once for the same dialog. This will make the dialog be placed above all other dialogs in the application.

See Also

IupShowXY, IupHide, IupPopup.