IUP - Portable User Interface


The internal IUP functions allow the user to read and set values, set callbacks, destroy elements, show and hide dialogs, etc., deciding how the library must work.

System Control

Allows initializing the library, controlling the execution order of tasks, and using help through Netscape.

System Control for Lua

Integrates the library with programs and dialogs written in Lua.

Dialog and Menu Control

Controls the visualization of dialogs and menus, and controls focus, mapping and destruction.


Allows loading an interface-description file written in LED.

Element Composition

Helps adding and removing elements.

Element Manipulation

Allows creating and reading internal references of elements.

Attribute Manipulation

Creates, modifies and reads attributes of each element or global. Allows the attributes to return in different formats.

Callback Manipulation

Allows reading and creating references to functions.

Extra Lua Functions

Auxiliary functions in IupLua.


Auxiliary functions that help integrating GKS and IUP.