IUP - Portable User Interface


Elements are basic interface components. They can have different forms:

Predefined Dialogs

Dialogs with a predefined functionality. They are used very frequently, and usually return useful values for the application.

Dialogs Predefined as Elements

The same idea, but now the dialog’s attributes can be changed before they are shown on the screen. This provides the predefined dialogs a greater flexibility.

Composition Elements

Elements that do not have a visual representation, but they are essential for the functioning of the abstract-layout mechanism.


Basic elements with a visual representation. Together with composition elements, they constitute the dialog’s layout.

Auxiliary Elements

Elements that complement the visual representation of the above elements.

Extra Lua Elements

Controls that help creating groups of elements in Lua.

CPI Controls

Extra controls. They can either be native controls or not. Most of them are not native, and they are implemented using the CD library to draw the elements.


Extra controls which do not take part in IUP’s distribution. They are distributed separately.