IUP - Portable User Interface


Hides an interface element. This function has the same effect as attributing value "NO" to the interface element’s VISIBLE attribute.


int IupHide(Ihandle *element); [in C]
IupHide(element: iuplua_tag) -> (ret: number) [in IupLua3]
iup.Hide(element: iuplua_tag) -> (ret: number) [in IupLua5]
or element:hide() -> (ret: number) [in IupLua]

element: Identifier of the interface element.

This function returns IUP_NOERROR if the element was removed from the screen.


Once a dialog is hidden, either by means of IupHide or by changing the VISIBLE attribute or by means of a callback returning IUP_CLOSE, the elements in this dialog are not destroyed, so that you can show them again. To destroy dialogs, the IupDestroy function must be called.

See Also

IupShowXY, IupShow, IupPopup, IupDestroy.