IUP - Portable User Interface


Creates an hbox interface element. It is a box that shows the elements it contains, horizontally and from left to right.


Ihandle* IupHbox(Ihandle *elem1, Ihandle *elem2, ..., NULL); [in C]
iuphbox{elem1, elem2, ...: iuplua_tag} -> (elem: iuplua_tag) [in IupLua3]
iup.hbox{elem1, elem2, ...: iuplua_tag} -> (elem: iuplua_tag) [in IupLua5]
hbox(elem1, elem2, ...) [in LED]

elem1, elem2,...: List of identifiers that will be placed in the box. NULL defines the end of the list.

This function returns the identifier of the created hbox.


ALIGNMENT: Aligns the elements vertically. Possible values:


Default: "ATOP".

GAP: Defines a space in pixels between the interface elements.

MARGIN: Defines a margin in pixels.

SIZE: Width of the hbox. Default: the smallest size that contains the children elements.


The box can be created with no elements and be dynamic filled using IupAppen.


iuphbox.gif (7213 bytes)

See Also

IupZbox, IupVBox