AsTeRICS Configuration Suite

FS20 Command Interpreter

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Home Control)

The FS20CommandInterpreter receives strings containing commands of the home automation system FS20 for ELV Electronics. Depending on the received commands, events will be fired.

FS20 Command Interpreter Plugin FS20 Command Interpreter Plugin

Input Port Description

  • command [string]: The command string containing the FS20 Command. The data must have the following format: housecode_sendaddress_command, e.g. 11111111_3343_17

Event Trigger Description

Each received command triggers an event, being mapped to this command. The following table will describe this events:
Command Mapping
Event Command
Off 0
Level1 1
Level2 2
Level3 3
Level4 4
Level5 5
Level6 6
Level7 7
Level8 8
Level9 9
Level10 10
Level11 11
Level12 12
Level13 13
Level14 14
Level15 15
Level16 16
OnOldLevel 17
Toggle 18
Dim Up 19
Dim Down 20
Dim Up and Down 21
Program internal timer 22
Off for timer then old brightness level 24
On for timer then off 25
On old brightness level for timer then off 26
On for timer then old brightness level 30
On for old level then previous state 31


  • housecode [integer] The housecode, the plugin should react on. The housecode has 8 digits, each from 1 to 4.
  • sendaddress [integer] The sendaddress, the plugin should react on. The sendaddress has 4 digits, each from 1 to 4.