Assign emails to a Project

QuickFile for Outlook

Assign emails to a Project (Ultimate Version)

QuickFile allows you to assign email(s) to Projects. This is very useful if you are exporting your emails or printing out your emails for Paper filing. The project name will be available with the email headers on the print-out or on the exported document.

Assign a Project

To assign an email to a project:

  • Open the email
  •  Goto the QuickFIle ribbon and select an existing project from the 'Project' drop-down
  • You can also add a new project by typing in a new project name in the Project drop-down and press Enter

To maintain your Project List

To open the Project List:

For Outlook 2007:

  • Click "Tools"

  • Click on "Standss" > "QuickFile" > "Project"

For Outlook 2010 and above:

  • Click on the "Standss Outlook Addins" Tab

  • From the "QuickFile" section > click "More" > "Project"

The following Project List screen will open:

You can add, edit or delete the project using the buttons available.

Note: When you delete a project name, Your emails that you already assign to that project will not be deleted and will still contain the project name.