Creating Themes


Creating Themes

HostExplorer lets you apply various schemes for different profiles. You can apply schemes individually for each profile, or you can select and apply multiple schemes and save them as a theme. For example, you could create two different profile themes for a mainframe application: one for payroll and one for inventory. Each theme could contain different settings for keyboard mappings, colors schemes, or include specific macros or quick scripts.

For each profile option, you can assign the default scheme, the profile scheme, a pre-configured scheme, or you can create a custom scheme.

To create a theme:

  1. In the Session Profile dialog box, select the General category of the Themes folder.
  2. In the Scheme list, double-click a scheme to display a list of available assignments in the Assignment column. If the list box is empty, you can create new schemes using the Session Profile dialog box. (For example, you can create a new color scheme in the Color folder.)
  3. Select a pre-set or a custom scheme from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Apply to apply the revised scheme and override the settings in the profile.
      Set the scheme assignment to Profile to retain the profile default settings.
  5. Click the Save Theme As button to save the settings as a custom theme.
  6. Click OK to save the theme and close the dialog box.

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