Reconfiguring an Existing Keyboard


Reconfiguring an Existing Keyboard

You can use the default keyboard files as templates to create custom files. After modifying a default keyboard file, save the file with a new name so that the default keyboard is preserved.

To reconfigure an existing keyboard file:

  1. On the Options menu, click Session Properties. The Session Profile dialog box opens.
  2. Expand the Keyboard folder and click the General category.
  3. In the Keymap list, select Default.
  4. Click Keyboard Mapping to open the Keyboard Map dialog box. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Click Save to open the Save Keymap dialog box. Enter a name for the keyboard file, and click Save.
  6. Click Load to open the Load Keymap dialog box. Select the name of the keyboard file you want to load, and click OK.
  7. Type a new name for the keyboard file and click Save.

The new keyboard file now displays in the Keymap list.

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