Logging Session Activity


Logging Session Activity

If you encounter problems related to PC-to-host interactions, you can use either the Trace utility or a command-line trace to find a solution.

Creating and Enabling a Trace

A trace is a diagnostic tool that logs PC-to-host interactions to the hetrace.txt file located in the user’s My Documents directory. The trace utility captures all keystrokes, commands, and selections on menus and in dialog boxes. It also records all communication activity. After you have reproduced the steps that caused the problem, you can view and analyze the logged data.

To enable a trace, press Ctrl+Shift+T. This key combination starts recording events to the hetrace.txt file.

  If you modified default keyboard mappings, this procedure may not work. To reset the default settings, open the Keyboard Mapping dialog box, select the letter T on the keyboard and press Default.